Adults Products

Provale Dysphagia Cup

Price: $70

The Provale Cup is designed to deliver small amounts of fluid with every drinking motion. This allows patient to swallow safely and promote self-feeding. This easy to wash cup comes with the option to place one or two removable handles. You could choose from two different options – 5ml or 10 ml of fluid delivery per sip.
This cup is recommended for clients who have dementia, stroke, parkinson’s disease, swallowing difficulties or just impulsive and fast feeding behaviors.   The Provale Cup has been shown to reduce coughing and choking caused by fast drinking.

Bread Porridge

Price: $32​

Bread porridge is an excellent replacement for regular porridge or oats, which often do not provide enough energy to the elderly. It also makes a great tea time snack and can be served on its own, or with some pureed fruit.

Bread porridge is made from bread crumbs and is perfect for those with poor appetite because it provides calories and protein- two of the most important nutrients for our body.
Comes in 1 kg pack (20 servings). That’s just $1.60 for a complete breakfast!

  • Easy to prepare. Just add hot water and stir.
  • Contains twicethe calories and five times the protein as compared to regular porridge. Also has zinc and calcium for strong bones. 
  • Soft and creamy, with a hint of vanilla.
HME filter for tracheostomy tube

Price: $4

Heat and Moisture Exchanger’s (HME) are used for patients with tracheostomy tubes to heat and moisturize the air and help prevent lung complications by filtering out bacteria and dirty particles from entering the tracheostomy tube.

Shiley™ speaking valve

Price: $90

Shiley™ speaking valves provides patients who are on tracheostomy tubes the possibility to speak.