Kids Products

Honey Bear Cup

Price: $14

The Honey Bear is a TalkTools original that allows you to control the flow of liquid into a child’s mouth and encourages children to learn straw drinking. It is used by speech and feeding therapists around the world to teach lip rounding, tongue retraction and other oral-motor skills. It can also be used by toddlers to transition from bottle feeding to cup drinking. The flexible straw and the squeezable body of this cup make it the perfect tool to wean a child from bottles or sippy cups.

Chewy Tubes®

Price: $13.5

Chewy Tubes® are an innovative oral placement tool designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for practising biting and chewing skills.

It can also be usedas an aid to inhibit teeth grinding. Chewy Tubes® are made of a thermo-elastic polymer material, which is FDA Approved, are latex free and do not contain any PVC, lead or phthalates. Made in the USA.

ARK DnZ-Vibe

Price: $68

The Double Z-Vibe® is a vibratory oral motor tool that can help build oral tone and improve a variety of speech, feeding, and sensory skills. Use it to provide a varied sensory experience and/or to provide targeted tactile cues within the oral cavity.

Its gentle vibration provides a new level of sensory stimulation to increase oral focus and draw more attention to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw. Vibration can also be very calming, soothing, and organizing.