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Discover an Innovative and Effective Approach to Speech Therapy


  • aged 3 to 6 years old with suspected language delay/disorder
  • able to follow simple instructions
  • able to sit and attend to adult-led activities playing with toys/games
  • no significant behavior concerns



This session is conducted at your home.

Complete the assessment from the comfort of your own home with My Language Toolbox (MLT).  MLT is an online assessment created by a team of highly experienced Speech and Language Therapists that lets you know in minutes if your child is developing within their age range or not.

You can screen five main areas of your child’s communication domains:

  • Receptive Language (understanding of language)
  • Expressive Language (spoken language)
  • Attention and Listening
  • Social Communication Skills
  • Play skills

After the completion of the assessment, you will understand the level your child is at; whether they are developing withing their age range OR below their age range e.g., Your 4-year-old child’s language appears to be developing at 24-30 months level, indicating signs of a language difficulty.

*MLT uses up-to-date developmental language norms from both standardised and non-standardised assessments.


This session is conducted in the clinic or your home (45 minutes)

There will be a Speech Therapist who will be conducting the session online via our interactive LCD screen, as well as an Assistant Speech Therapist who will be physically present to facilitate the session in the clinic.

The Speech Therapist will:

  • Analyse the results of the assessment (before the session).
  • Explain the results of the assessment to you and the age-appropriate milestones for communication development.
  • Prescribe strategies suitable for your child to develop and improve on their areas of delay.  During this training, our Assistant Speech Therapist will demonstrate physically how to apply these strategies for language stimulation.
  • You will be provided with handouts and materials on how to continue language stimulation at home.
  • Start with therapy activities that addresses the specific areas of delay. g., if your child is speaking in single words e.g., “car”, “ball”, the therapy will focus on helping your child learn to combine two words together e.g., “more car” and early phrases e.g., “I want car.”
  • During this therapy session, our Assistant Speech Therapist will conduct the therapy activity with the child according to the instructions given by the Speech Therapist.

We encourage parents to sit in for the therapy session to learn how to continue helping your child at home.


  • Instead of Googling and worrying, you can find out immediately whether your child has a delay or disorder.
  • Instead of waiting months for a slot in the government sector and wasting your child’s precious development window, you can start helping your child immediately.
  • Instead of paying high costs for private speech therapy, you can now assess affordable but equally effective speech therapy services at a fraction of the price.
  • You will feel more confident and supported in helping your child after the parent training session provided by our Speech Therapist.


  • We kindly request if you can write a Google review for TeleHope Speech Therapy.
  • If you would like to continue therapy, our Speech Therapist will discuss options that is suitable for you and your child. You can continue the affordable therapy sessions either in our clinic or in the comfort of your own home. 
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