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Fussy eaters/ sensory feeding difficulties

Fussy eaters/sensory feeding difficulties

Fussy Eating Therapy (Feeding Clinic) 

Is my child a fussy eater?
Children who are fussy eaters typically present with the following signs:

  • Limited variety of food
  • May or may not take enough calories a day for growing
  • Lose interest in a certain food for a period of time, but accept it again after awhile
  • May tolerate a new food on the plate, even if they don’t eat it
  • Tantrums when presented with new foods
  • Excessive crying or screaming during mealtimes

Refusal of categories of food based on texture or basic food group

How can we help?

We will gather detailed case history and do a thorough assessment which will include:

  • Assessing your child’s oral- facial muscles
  • Observing your child on what he/ she typically eats at home
  • Examining the family dynamics that happens during mealtimes
  • Trial some strategies that might benefit your child

After assessment, we will select an intervention approach that will work best for your child.  This approach that is individually customized for your child may include a mixture of sensory, oral and behavioral strategies to guide you through how to best facilitate your child’s feeding journey.

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