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100% Passion

We are extremely passionate about what we do and we want to use this passion to encourage, motivate and help our clients improve to the best of their potential.

Years of Acute Hospital Experience

Our many years of acute hospital experience with many challenging and severe cases have taught us to fight, persevere and not give up on our patients.

Going Beyond Therapy

We are not just providing therapy, we are here to understand our patients, build a bond with them, and genuinely care for them and their families.

Fun Sessions

Our sessions are enjoyable and we want to create a positive atmosphere during the treatment.

Meet the Team



Madam Koon
Beatrice is a committed therapist who makes an effort to really understand my mother and builds great rapport with her. Beatrice is sincere and truly cares about my mother’s progress towards recovery, and therefore has managed to win my mum’s trust and confidence in her. Beatrice constantly encourages my mother to eat well and do her exercises which has played an important role in the recovery of her swallowing function. - Im Neo, Daughter of Madam Koon.
Testimonial Im Neo
Madam Koon
Erica - Mother of Valerie
Siti sees my daughter Valerie who is almost 4 for speech therapy. Initially she used a few single words and gestures to communicate to us what she wanted. But now, Valerie is using a short sentence to request for what she wants. Even her teachers at school feedback to us that Valerie has been more communicative. We are very happy with her current progress. Siti also engages valerie in fun and meaningful activities that encourages her learning. She is also helpful in sharing strategies and coaching us on how to run the activities at home with valerie. We are happy to have met a dedicated and patient speech therapist like Siti.
Erica - Mother of Valerie (4 years old)

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