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Improving Lives One Word at a Time.

One of the leading speech therapy clinics in Singapore.

speech therapy Singapore


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Improving Lives One Word at a Time.

One of the leading speech therapy clinics in Singapore.

speech therapy Singapore

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Highly experienced and engaging therapists.
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Highly experienced team

Our speech therapists in Singapore are carefully chosen. They are skilled and experienced. They have a positive attitude to motivate clients.

Wide scope of practice

We have specialists in many areas of speech therapy in Singapore. We handle cases from babies to the elderly. This includes complex conditions.

No waiting time

Immediate availability for best outcomes.

Mobile therapy to suit your needs

We offer speech therapy in Singapore at two clinics. We also do home visits and school visits. Our team visits nursing homes and offers online sessions. This is to suit your preferences.

Therapists & Specialists

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Frequently asked questions about speech therapy

Speech therapy is very effective for speech delay. It helps people improve their speaking skills. Therapists work on language and pronunciation. With regular sessions, progress can be seen. Speech therapy makes a big difference for many.

Yes, speech therapy can help with stuttering. It teaches ways to speak more smoothly. Therapists use different techniques to reduce stuttering. Both adults and kids can benefit from it. In Singapore, speech therapy helps with speech and language delays. It’s useful for anyone struggling with stuttering.

The length of speech therapy varies. It depends on the person and their needs. Some see improvement quickly, others take longer. Speech therapy in Singapore helps both adults and kids. It addresses speech and language delays. The goal is to meet each person’s specific needs.

Consider speech therapy if you notice speech or language delays. It’s also helpful for trouble pronouncing words. If understanding or using language is hard, therapy can help. Speech therapy in Singapore is great for adults and kids. It addresses these speech and language issues. Early help often leads to better results.

Yes, speech therapy can fix a speech impediment. It works on problems like stuttering or lisping. Therapists use exercises and techniques. These improve speech clarity and fluency. In Singapore, speech therapy helps both adults and kids. It’s effective for various speech and language delays.

Practice speech therapy as often as recommended by your therapist. Regular practice leads to better results. Usually, a few times a week is good. Each session builds on the last one. In Singapore, speech therapy helps adults and kids. It’s important to keep up with practice for improvement.

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