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What is PhagiaFlex?

The Phagiaflex device is a therapist invented patented, flexible, highly durable exercise device designed to perform the CTAR exercise (Chin Tuck Against Resistance) and the JOAR exercise (Jaw Opening Against Resistance) exercise for dysphagia. These exercises have been clinically shown to improve the function of important muscles for swallowing.

Evidence Based Practice (EVP)

PhagiaFlex devices have been used in multiple clinical research studies.

How to use the Phagiaflex?

The Phagiaflex is designed to be used easily by certified Speech Therapists, healthcare assistants or caregivers.  This article from the Cambridge University Hospitals website is a great source of instruction and explanation of how the PhagiaFlex device works.

Why Is PhagiaFlex The Best Choice?

PhagiaFlex is easy to hold and provides full range of motion during the exercises, while keeping the arms still. It feels bouncy and fun and has the quality and durability of a prosthetic device. It is highly preferred by our patients over other exercise tools. They are more motivated to use it and they use it longer and more often, both during therapy and for home exercises, hence achieving better outcomes.

Phagiaflex in Amazing Speech Therapy

At Amazing Speech Therapy, we have successfully helped more than 250 patients with swallowing disorders regain or improve their swallowing ability using the Phagiaflex device as a supplement to our treatment approach. 

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